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"The Android classic from 2011 is back - for the Open Pandora handheld console."

EnergyBall is a skill game in which a high-energy ball of matter - which is connected by a kind of tractor beam - must be controlled to collide with an anti-matter ball. The longer the tractor beam is, the harder it is to control your own ball of matter and the more points you get if the own ball collide with the target. In the 'Hard' level of difficulty, the player's ball should not touch the plasma wall - otherwise points will be deducted. The player is controlled by using the touchscreen pen or the left analog stick. The highscore entry is entered by using the console keyboard.

This version includes three challenging levels of difficulty, each with a highscore list, great colorful 2D render graphics and fantastic soundtrack and ingame music by Stefan Prozner. Enjoy playing!


Buy Now1.99€ EUR or more

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EnergyBall_v1.030.zip for Open Pandora 17 MB